Second Opinion

Giving patients peace of mind about their diagnosis and treatment.

Challenges in the healthcare industry

When a patient receives a diagnosis or recommended treatment plan, it can be difficult to know if there are any other options. This is particularly so in certain public health systems where specialist resources are tightly rationed.


The Solution

Second Opinion is a service designed to give peace of mind. Patients, assisted by a doctor, upload all their information and test results and our leading specialists can advise whether the diagnosis is correct, whether more or different tests should be performed and whether the most suitable treatment has been offered.


Second opinions are provided by world-class specialists, frequently professors from the world’s leading teaching hospitals and from a wide range of medical branches including neurology, obstetrics, cardiology, and oncology. All our specialists have access to the Single Patient Record, providing them with a patient’s full medical history. And because Second Opinion is a virtual service, patients can receive a specialist second opinion within days.

Diagnoses supported by Clinical Decision Support Tools

These tools ensure a consistent evidence-based diagnosis every time.

Virtual review of diagnostic results

Allows multiple specialists to review the same test results simultaneously to ensure second opinions are well-founded. Additionally our review teams will typically not be the specialists most likely to treat the patient, building in a disinterested second-opinion.

Virtual specialist consultations

Lower overheads and faster access to specialists