Primary Care Services

24/7 access to primary care doctors – General Practitioners (GPs) - 365 days a year

Through a variety of own brand – Doctor Care Anywhere – and white labelled web-based and mobile apps including Doctor@Hand, Synergix Health provides patients with convenient, online access to UK-qualified GPs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Patients simply log on to the web-based or mobile app, book their appointment, and have a consultation with a doctor within hours, wherever they are in the world. If needed, all doctors on the platform are able to issue prescriptions and specialist referrals at no extra cost.

Our doctors are all registered General Practitioners in the UK and with 15-minute long consultations they are able to take the time to fully understand a patient’s health concerns.

We use the latest smart technology to deliver the best patient experience

  • Our Electronic Medical Record means patients have 24-7 online access to notes from all of their consultations with our doctors - including access to any prescriptions, referrals or fit notes issued - as well as the ability to update the Medical History section and upload any external medical information such as their NHS Summary Care Record

  • Patients are asked to provide descriptions of their symptoms online, including uploading any relevant photos or test results, for the doctor to triage and review in advance of their consultation

  • Patients have the option to have a video or a telephone consultation, can choose their doctor by name, gender, or area of special interest, and can book their appointment for a time and day that best suits

  • We use proprietary clinical decision-support tools to aid our doctors and reduce administrative processes during the consultation. These improve and standardise the care provided by our doctors and allow them to concentrate solely on treating the patient, improving both safety and patient experience. These tools are specifically designed for telemedicine and have been curated by leading medical specialists

  • Our E-prescriptions and integration with Pharmacy dispensary partners means that patients can take their prescriptions into any local pharmacy in the UK or abroad* or opt to have their medication delivered to a convenient address of their choosing

Doctor Care Anywhere is recognised and praised for its safety. It has received full clinical approval from the Care Quality Commission following its latest update to guidelines for online medical services provision. Patients can be confident that the healthcare we provide is always safe, effective and of the highest possible standard.

Our primary care services also includes integrated in-person care. Whilst virtual services are appropriate for most primary care consultations, for some patients an in-person appointment will be necessary. Our carefully designed triaging tools will identify patients requiring an in-person consultation, who are directed straight to an in-person consult, with same-day appointment availability.

Patients requiring diagnostic tests following a consultation are directed to, testing facilities within our network of diagnostics providers. We provide a wide range of diagnostic tests with speedy outcomes, where results are analysed and reviewed by our team of specialists. All results are presented through the patient’s Doctor Care Anywhere account in a user-friendly manner.

*Prescriptions are accepted in all EU countries. Elsewhere, we use a combination of local pharmacy partner networks and local medication knowledge to provide medicines for patients as required.