Internet Hospital

Convenient provision of prescription medication, giving patients the right treatment underpinned by best practice clinical pathways.

The Internet Hospital is a 21st century healthcare service that delivers better outcomes and an improved experience for patients and a more cost-effective service for healthcare providers.


Challenges in the healthcare industry

For insurers and healthcare providers – both public and private - the journey between primary and secondary care is frequently cumbersome and expensive.  Adding authorisation gateways costs money and delays treatment. Unnecessary and inappropriate specialist referrals and diagnostic tests add further cost and annoy patients. All this while a patient is waiting and worrying as they work their way through a slow system with variable outcomes and lacking transparency.


The Solution

The Internet Hospital removes the traditional barriers between GPs, specialists and hospitals.


The Internet Hospital gives patients a fast and efficient service designed by clinical specialists. Instead of being at the mercy of the system, waiting for referrals and appointments and repeatedly being asked for the same information, the Internet Hospital smooths out the process. Our primary care doctors can refer patients for the appropriate diagnostic tests without the need for authorisation or referral because they are guided by specialist-curated decision-support software.


Our streamlined pathways mean patients are seen by the most appropriate people as quickly as possible at the most cost-effective location, and have earlier access to the specialists and services they need across a range of medical branches including cardiology, oncology and mental health.


Specialists use clinical decision-support tools - designed by world class primary and secondary care physicians - to make sure every patient receives a consistent, high quality and evidence-based diagnosis. Our specialists are available both in-person and virtually, and our integrated system provides a seamless end-to-end experience, saving patients’ time and controlling costs for healthcare providers.


Our Single Patient Record allows a number of medical professionals to access a patient’s medical history, meaning that one scan or test can be reviewed by multiple specialists anywhere in the world, facilitating multidisciplinary teams and allowing for rapid second opinion. This record of patient engagement also allows for the collection, tracking and analysis of patient data activity to monitor the effectiveness of treatment.

Direct referral to diagnostics by GPs

Removes the administrative costs of authorising the process, better leverages lower-cost generalist physicians, manages-down unnecessary specialist referrals and provides a quicker journey for patients

Diagnoses supported by Clinical Decision Support Tools

These tools upskill our doctors and ensure a consistent evidence-based diagnosis every time and consistent application of gold-standard treatment protocols

Virtual review of diagnostic results

These tools upskill our doctors and ensure a consistent evidence-based diagnosis every time and consistent application of gold-standard treatment protocolsAllows multiple specialists to review the same test results simultaneously and eliminates unnecessary waiting time for patients. Review teams will typically not be the specialists most likely to treat the patient, building in a disinterested second-opinion

Virtual specialist consultations

Lower overheads and faster access to specialists

Digital Patient Record

Accessible for the patient anytime, anywhere. Allows them to fully understand and better manage their condition

Seamless integration of virtual and in-person care

Speeds patients through the process frequently saving unnecessary journeys and much elapsed time; patients have access to local specialist care when they really need it