Travel Insurers

Synergix Travel provides travel insurers with control over patient directionality and clinical quality, and a centralised out-patient cost centre, helping to bring savings of over 40% of out-patient bills.

Challenges for Travel Insurers

Travel insurers are facing similar problems when providing their products: constant disparities in the quality of care provided around the world; misaligned financial incentives between healthcare providers and insurers leading to unnecessary diagnostics, commission-based specialist referrals and expensive treatments that are not time critical. A lack of control over patient directionality results in loose-knit networks of thousands of often small healthcare providers around the world with little control over clinical outcomes, costs and customer experience.

The Solution

Synergix Travel has been working with the travel insurance industry for the last 5 years, giving patients the ability to speak to a doctor in their own language, get a prescription and continue with their travels in over 100 different countries.

Case Management

Patient consultations start with a Synergix Health doctor: a UK-qualified professional operating to the highest standards and supported by clinical decision-support systems. The goal is to ensure the patient is not at risk of treatment in a foreign country unless absolutely necessary. In most cases advice or prescription medications solve the problem, or delay expensive treatment until the traveller has returned home

The Synergix Global Prescription Management System

A service providing prescriptions in 90% of the world, allowing patients to pick up their medication in a nearby pharmacy after a virtual consultation. In certain key markets (such as Spain) we have a prescription delivery service that allows patients to opt for a 2 hour delivery to their hotel room/place of stay

24/7 virtual consultations

Accessible via phone or video, through all key devices and operating systems

24/7 customer support

Ensuring all queries and concerns are handled promptly

Multiple languages

Currently we serve customers in English and Spanish, with French, German and Mandarin launching in 2018