Public Health Systems

Synergix Health is proud to be a partner of the NHS, working closely with CCGs and individual practices to support the delivery of smart, safe and cost-effective primary care across the country.

Challenges for the NHS

The NHS is a world-renowned provider of healthcare services. However, like many healthcare providers – both public and private – the NHS is wrestling with increased demand for services and the requirement to deliver improved access, whilst facing, in many, if not most areas, a shortage of doctors, staff, and funds.


The Solution

Synergix Health supports the delivery of NHS primary care across the UK by providing additional capacity to CCGs and individual practices. Working within existing tariffs and price structures, we support our NHS partners by delivering Improved Access requirements, providing extra GP capacity in practices, providing virtual branch services in remote locations and assisting GP recruitment and retention by providing remote working opportunities.


Patients simply log on to the app or website, book an appointment, and will have a consultation and, if necessary a prescription, within hours, wherever they are. It’s an NHS service so it’s free to all patients.

Improving access

Synergix Health’s virtual consultations provide access to NHS services for patients who struggle to get an appointment at their practice or who find it difficult to reach their practice in core hours.

Integrated with NHS services

The Synergix Health system provides our doctors with access to a patient’s Summary Care Record, ensuring safer care for our patients by letting our doctors see their medical history.

Patient Records

Synergix Health’s consultation records are patient-facing, available to the patient through their account and allowing them to better understand and manage their condition. We work with every patients regular GP an seamlessly share our notes with them to coordinate care for the patient.

Seamless follow-up

Synergix health’s doctors can issue appropriate prescriptions and Fit Notes, and any recommended referrals and diagnostic or radiology requests are uploaded to the patient’s GP for actioning through local workflows.

Clinical support tools

Synergix Health uses proprietary clinical decision support tools which ensure consistent, high quality healthcare improving both safety and patient experience. These tools are specifically designed for telemedicine and have been curated by leading medical specialists.