Health Retailers

Synergix works with health retailers including leading high street pharmacists to provide digitally-led gold standard healthcare for their customers, at an affordable price.

Challenges for Health Retailers

Many health retailers are struggling to stand out from the competition. In a fast-moving industry and at a difficult time for the high street, it is vital to stay ahead of the competition with an integrated, relevant product that attracts customers, drives traffic - both online and in-store - and delivers a first-class experience that encourages customers to return time and time again.

The Solution

Synergix provides a complete and integrated virtual and in-person healthcare system and brings experience building innovative technology which integrates seamlessly with partners’ traditional retail channels. Through our “clicks and bricks” approach, we work closely with our partners to develop intuitive and customer-focused user experiences which will drive online revenue as well as increase value through cross-selling with other products and partnerships.


Synergix Health’s Algorithmic GP is a 24/7 prescription service that gives patients quick and efficient access to safe and appropriate medication. Prescriptions can easily be white labelled and embedded on to our partner’s digital channels, increasing the volume of prescriptions provided and delivering a superior user experience.


The Algorithmic GP is one of Synergix’s many digital healthcare services that are increasingly in demand as convenience becomes ever more important for customers and patients seeking healthcare advice and treatment. By offering these services, our partners are not only seen to be providing relevant and valued services for customers - differentiating where the competition may not - but the quality and clinical excellence of these services increases their brand reputation in the market.

Increased volume of prescription

Synergix’s Algorithmic GP provides a better user experience and a faster completion time than any similar service, providing our partner with a higher number of prescription sales within the same time frame.

Clinical Excellence

Synergix’s Algorithmic GP is built on best practice clinical guidelines and underpinned by a patient’s NHS Summary Care Record, ensuring every prescription is suitable for the recipient.

Cross-selling opportunities

Synergix can integrate in-person services within our partner’s stores, providing an increased customer base, a more comprehensive service offering for our partners with more high-value, high-margin opportunities.

Clicks and bricks

Synergix’s services can be seamlessly integrated into our partner’s e-commerce platforms, providing opportunities to upsell products during the purchasing process.

White Labelling

All of Synergix’s services can be white labelled to meet the the branding and promotional requirements of our partners.