Health Providers

Synergix Health provides a complete and integrated virtual and in-person healthcare system to health providers.

Challenges for Health Providers

Healthcare providers - both public and private - are facing higher demand for services with increasingly scarce resources. Primary healthcare providers are required to provide more services at a time when they face a shortage of doctors, staff, and funds. Secondary healthcare providers often find their care pathways are outdated and expensive, with inappropriate referrals, the duplication of tests and the over-utilisation of expensive specialists. All this while a patient is waiting and worrying as they work their way through a slow system lacking in transparency and with variable outcomes.


The Solution

Synergix Health provides a complete and integrated virtual and in-person healthcare system to health providers, including the NHS.

Synergix Health supports the delivery of primary care by providing additional capacity to overstretched services. Working within existing tariffs and price structures, we support  healthcare providers with our range of Primary Care Services.  

Diagnoses supported by Clinical Decision Support Tools

These tools upskill our doctors and ensure a consistent evidence-based diagnosis every time and consistent application of gold-standard treatment protocols

Virtual review of diagnostic results

Allows multiple specialists to review the same test results simultaneously and eliminates unnecessary waiting time for patients. Review teams will typically not be the specialists most likely to treat the patient, building in a disinterested second-opinion

Virtual specialist consultations

Lower overheads and faster access to specialists

Digital Patient Record

Accessible for the patient anytime, anywhere. Allows them to fully understand and better manage their condition

Seamless integration of virtual and in-person care

Speeds patients through the process frequently saving unnecessary journeys and much elapsed time; patients have access to local specialist care when they really need it