Health Insurers

Synergix provides Health Insurers with a complete and integrated virtual and in-person healthcare system. We help our health insurance partners offer a 21st century healthcare system that provides a better patient journey and outcomes whilst keeping costs down.

Challenges facing Health Insurers

Health Insurers are facing complex challenges when providing their products. The journey between primary and secondary care is frequently cumbersome and expensive. And adding authorisation gateways costs money and delays treatment. There are misaligned financial incentives between healthcare providers and insurers which leads to unnecessary diagnostics, commission-based specialist referrals and expensive treatments that are not time critical. All this while a patient is waiting and worrying as they work their way through a slow system lacking in transparency and with variable outcomes.


The Solution

Synergix Health provides a complete and integrated virtual and in-person healthcare system to our health insurance partners.

Bespoke Configurations

Synergix Health allows our partners to create the service they want their customers to receive. We already have 100s of different entitlement configurations in place for insurers and employers and can tailor our service to meet whatever needs our partners may have.

Seamless Onboarding

Synergix Health provides a smooth onboarding process for cohorts of all sizes, whether it be 100 or 100,000

Patient Satisfaction

Synergix Health has a proven ability to drive up partner NPS scores by over 50% through increased satisfaction. A partnership with Synergix gives our partners a competitive advantage in a difficult market and our 95% Patient Satisfaction Rating helps our partners retain customers.

White Labelling

All of Synergix Health’s services can be white labelled to meet the the branding and promotional requirements of our partners

Dedicated Support

Synergix Health provides dedicated account management support for all insurance partners, as well as business analytics, MI and bespoke engagement and marketing communications